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Goliath/Semi Goliath crane's basic purpose is to provide the solution to the shed/structures which are unable to take load of the EOT crane. The goliath/gantry crane moves on the rail supported on floor level instead of rail placed on the elevated level. This eliminates the need for workshop building and hence reduction in capital cost. Goliath crane finds its major application in outdoor location. However, the goliath cranes can also be installed inside a closed building.

Special protection is provided for outdoor duty cranes, depending on application and agreement with buyer. These special features may include – corrosion allowance in design of main load bearing structural members, drilled holes on walkway to avoid accumulation of rain water, localized full cover for trolley, covers for Long travel motor/ brake, additional parking brake for Long travel motion, special paint etc.

Goliath Gantry Crane

Outdoor duty goliath/gantry cranes are also checked for stability under storm conditions. Special storm anchors are provided to prevent toppling of crane under storm condition. The cross travel and long travel motor gearbox unit is designed to overcome wind resistance opposing the crane movement in addition to the power required to accelerate and move the safe working load at full speed.

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