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Spare Support

We, the Sahil Industries offer spare support for all the following,

Hoist & Crane Spares

Critical Spares

Maintenance Spares

MHE (Material Handling Equipments) Spares Like :- crane brake liners, Crane cable trolley, Crane pendants, Crane wire ropes.

As we handle a large number of cranes regularly and as we have a manufacturing unit too, there is always a availability of any spare part you need, so there is no waiting time wasted in acquiring the spare part and eventually you get your crane working at it's full potential in no time.

EOT Cranes Overhauling

For safe and smooth operations of any crane,perfect levels, straighness and parallelism of the tracks is of utmost priority. A thorough inspection of all these components is done by a specialists team of Sahil Industries, to ensure accurate identification of the measures to be taken, to improve the service life of the equipment.

Crane overhauling involves complete refurbishment or replacement of electrical components, drives and other critical components to keep the crane running at it's full potential.

Crane Health Checkup

As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine, in the same way timely check up saves major expenses on repairs. As this is a heavy material handling machinery, there is tremendous wear and tear in its life cycle and that is why its important to get the health of a crane to be assessed by professionals.

A Sahil Industry professional's check up report not only includes the defects but the solutions too. And this helps you in taking an intelligent decision to protect and enhance the safety and life of your cranes.

These check ups cover every crane component for its integrity and compliance to the industry and safety standards.

Crane Modification & Relocation

Most of the times, in capital goods industry, once a project is over, usually it's a practice to write off the assets. But why waste such capital? Here is where we come in. We enhance the life of the equipment and make it suitable to be used in another project.

Sahil Industries carries out such projects such as crane modification and relocation, that helps our customer in saving their capital, time and efforts used in procuring new equipment.

These projects include,

Enhancing safe working load (SWL) of existing crane.

Increasing or decreasing crane span.

Modifications of adjustable heights.

After these modifications, the crane can be reused at another location, for another project and reducing expenditure considerably.

Crane Modernisation

Being updated is mandatory in any industry and more so in MHE, and that's why we come with solutions to keep your cranes updated by retrofitting VFD(Variable Frequency Drive) or Radio Remote Controls and making your same crane more efficient and modern, with minimun investment.

Crane Upgradation

As its a heavy material industry, the wear and tear of the machinery is unavoidable, So many a times your crane require parts to be changed or wear and teared items to be replaced. We, the Sahil Industry experts help you to procure the better and most effective spares so as to keep your machinery running at optimum level.

Crane Erection & Commissioning

We are in touch with our customers right from the review of blueprints and floor plans. Safe, timely and cost-effective installation is our main concern.Whether they are first-time customers or customers with prior experience of crane erection and commissioning, the approach remains the same.

Our expert and experiened team of engineers and technicians, install cranes in difficult terrains and climatic conditions, even then,they are able to complete the projects in time and with perfection.

Crane Repair Service

As we are the manufacturing as well as the repairing and servicing unit, we have an upper edge in the business. Manufacturing knowledge gives us the insight into your cranes problems. It helps us into prognosis of the problem and coming up with solutions accurately. Our workshop can handle any sort of job which requires large space and consumes time such as structural repairs or fabrication, carried out by a team of crane specialists.

AMC for EOT Crane

In addition to the regular health check ups, your cranes require a properly structured, preventive maintenance plan. The Sahil industry's AMC,Annual Maintenance Contract for all the cranes, has been developed based upon our experience in this field over a decade, all over India and also abroad.

Our AMC for crane, covers all components of your cranes that ensure their integrity and ability, to perform at it's best level. Moreover,if your crane is covered under a Sahil Industry's AMC for EOT crane,we give you timely inputs on the health of worn-out parts, so that you can be well prepared for replacements, rather than being caught off guard and suffer production downtime.

Crane Operator Training

We may manufacture cranes, you may buy one, but afterall the operator is the one who will be using it and that's why his proper training is utmost important.

Our training of the crane operators will enable them to make use of the cranes to the optimal level, ensure the safe operations and also they can perform periodic audio and visual checks to find out the problems that require attention.

Rope Condition Monitoring

Ropes are an important feature of the cranes. With overuse, the ropes usually become weak and reak while lifting loads or even cause uneven lifting and this can be an invitation for accident.

We use nondestructive inspection equipment to determine its strength, rotational stability, flexibility, structural ability, and spooling behavior.

Also our team can suggest corrective actions for strength,flexibility and resistance to abrasion, crushing, fatigue, rotation, and corrosion

Rail Monitoring

Tracks perfect levels, straightness and parallelism are extremely important for the safe and smooth workings of the cranes.

Sahil Industries offers the inspection and correction of the same like,

Premature wear & tear of wheels and shafts

Unpredicted crane downtime

Cost-driven repairs or replacements